Customs clearance

For a smooth customs process

We take care of your customs to ensure that your import and export transactions run smoothly and efficiently. From the correct documentation to the handling of all customs requirements, we are there for you.

Import and export customs clearance
from our trained customs professionals
Own bonded warehouse
for the storage of duty unpaid transit goods
für eine schnellere Zollabwicklung

Your advantages of our customs service

Die Zollabwicklung ist ein komplexes und zeitaufwendiges Thema. Wir kümmern uns um den reibungslosen und kostensparenden Im- und Export. Our customs clearance team has in-depth knowledge of local and international customs regulations. This saves you valuable time and resources.

Time efficiency
You can concentrate on your core business while our experienced experts take care of the customs formalities.
Risk minimization through specialist knowledge
We are familiar with the complex procedures and document requirements and guarantee the legally compliant handling of your shipments.
Cost optimization
We identify potential savings. We can reduce your costs by taking advantage of tariff preferences, free trade agreements or other customs benefits.

Our customs service for less stress

Import and export customs clearance
Regardless of whether you are importing to Germany or exporting to all continents of the world. We handle the processing of import permits, the submission of customs declarations and take care of all the necessary bureaucratic steps for you.
Pre- and on-carriage
The (inland) ports are rarely the starting or end point of an entire transport chain. We take over the coordination and implementation of all pre- and post-carriage processes for you. Both in Germany and worldwide via our comprehensive partner network.
Transit and transit procedures
Our transit and shipping procedure saves you unnecessary waiting times at the border. Customs clearance of your goods takes place at a later date, either directly at your desired location or at the nearest inland customs office, depending on your requirements.
Customs warehouse procedure
If you are planning to store duty unpaid goods from third countries for a longer period of time, we will be happy to assist you. We have our own bonded warehouses which are approved for this purpose. Import taxes are only paid when you retrieve the goods from the customs warehouse.

Are you also looking for a transportation solution?

We will take care of customs clearance as soon as this becomes necessary. Which type of transport would you like to find out more about?

Benefit from our
AEO certification

AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status is a certificate that companies can obtain to confirm their reliability and compliance with customs and security regulations. Here are three ways you can benefit from it:

Simplified customs procedures

Fewer checks, shorter waiting times and faster processing of goods for import and export.

Lower risk

By working with a company with AEO status, you can reduce the risk of delays and penalties in customs clearance.

On-site bonded warehouse

Our bonded warehouse meets customs security requirements and can be used as a transit warehouse.
Customs documents and co.

We are happy to take care of the following export formalities for you

Finishing process
Processing procedures allow companies to temporarily exempt goods from customs duties and taxes in order to process them before they re-enter the economic cycle.
EUR. 1
The EUR. 1 document allows lower or no duties for goods shipped within trade agreements by confirming their origin.
The T1 document enables the cross-border transit of goods where customs clearance only takes place at the destination.
Export accompanying document (ABD)
The export accompanying document confirms the export of goods from a country and supports export controls.
Import customs clearance
Import customs clearance refers to the process of clearing goods through customs when they are imported into a country where duties, taxes and other charges may be levied.
Download area

Templates and documents

To simplify the customs process for all parties, you can download and fill out our standardized templates.

Customs authorization
Download the customs declaration now and fill it out digitally.
Presentation guarantee
Download the presentation guarantee now and fill it out digitally.
Import authorization
Download import authorization Air freight now and fill it out digitally.

Frequently asked questions about the customs procedure

Your question is not included? Get in touch!

The exact document requirements may vary depending on the country and type of goods. As a rule, however, invoices, bills of lading, packing lists, proof of origin and commercial invoices are required.

The EORI number is a unique identification number that is required to prove your identity to customs. It can be applied for by submitting a written form to customs. The number makes it possible to trade with non-EU countries.

Customs tariff numbers, also known as Harmonized System (HS) codes, are uniform codes used to classify goods and determine duty rates. These codes consist of numbers and letters and enable uniform identification of products around the world.

A customs declaration is a document submitted by an importer or exporter that contains detailed information about the goods, their value, their origin and other relevant data. It is used to enable the customs authorities to process the import or export properly.


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