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Always the right packaging

Do you want your goods to arrive safely and undamaged at their destination? We can help you find the right packaging for your goods.

Your benefits from our packaging service

The goods must be appropriately secured for transportation, and a number of factors must be taken into account. The type of shipment, shipping time, country of destination, place of destination and, if applicable, storage time must be taken into account when designing suitable packaging. From standard-sized export crates to custom-made products, we will be happy to help you find the right packaging for your goods. We always have standard packaging for overseas transportation in stock.

Safety and protection
We find the right packaging for every shipment. Whether air, rail or sea freight, we will help you and find the right packaging for safe transportation.
Time saving
We always have packaging solutions for the overseas transportation of general cargo shipments in stock. Acceptance of your shipment at your warehouse, packaging, customs documentation and shipping - all from a single source.
Environmental friendliness
Our goal is the perfect combination of protecting the goods and conserving resources. We offer a wide range of wooden packaging in accordance with IPPC standard ISPM 15. Hartmann International is itself certified as a packaging manufacturer by the relevant authorities.
Container stowage

Get your goods safely to their destination with us

At our company, we understand that the right packaging has a decisive influence on the safe transportation of your goods. Our comprehensive packaging service is designed to ensure the highest standards of protection, safety and efficiency. Regardless of the chosen mode of transportation: rail, air or sea.

Trust us as your reliable partner for innovative packaging solutions. Our dedicated team is ready to ensure that your packaging process runs smoothly and your cargo is optimally protected. Contact us to discuss customized packaging solutions for your rail, air and sea freight needs We look forward to making your freight transport safer and more efficient!

Stow containers optimally

Using space efficiently
Through careful stacking
Cost reduction
By saving space in unused areas
Reduced shipping volume
Thanks to efficient charging
Optimal condition of the goods
Risk of damage and displacement is reduced
Fast process
Easy charging and discharging possible
Safe transportation
through careful loading.

Services for all aspects of packaging


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