Our quality consciousness means that continuity is not only reflected in our work, but also in our personnel structure. Many of our apprentices and employees still work for us today or have even returned to working with us. We are always searching for people with particular skills and specialist knowledge, but who above all have fun at work and are highly motivated for their daily tasks.

However, we do not only support and encourage employees that started their career with us. We are just as happy to welcome newcomers to the field with special skills, industry experts and people who are excited by our work. We endeavour to continuously develop our employees’ potential, in order to make work fun and so that we can work together to create a successful future.

Regular training sessions and seminars as well as rotating through departments during the apprenticeship are just some examples of how we support our personnel – an increasingly scarce resource – and how we hope to help towards satisfying the desire for personal fulfilment.

Hartmann International sees ourselves as a family-owned business, which nurtures a trusting relationship with its employees. We actively live out our family ideals and offer our employees a wide range of social benefits.

Hartmann for Hartmänner

  • Participation in company events (e.g. Easter run, football tournaments)
  • Massages at work
  • Regular seminars and training courses (Hartmann Logistics Acadamy)
  • Implementing health circles
  • Company pensions schemes with a maximum interest yield
  • Contributions to employees savings schemes
  • Help with personal problems
  • Family-friendly company parties