Our experts.

Able to handle any task.
Our quality consciousness means that continuity is not only reflected in our work, but also in our personnel structure. Thanks to our very dynamic growth in the last few decades we have been able to provide nearly all of our apprentices a secure job that is ready for the future.

External staff with specialist skills and expertise also feel comfortable working with us. We see ourselves as a family-owned business, which nurtures a trusting relationship with its employees and which lives out the family concept.

In order to allow our staff to give their undivided attention to the tasks in front of them, we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone can get to work without worry or complaint.

Sense of purpose
We support our employees on their search for meaning. We want to ensure that the lifetime spent with our company helps to fulfil the individual architecture of all our lives in a meaningful way.

We define meaningful management as the freedom created by the personal dedication of all our staff to guarantee the permanent development of our company. It is not the top-down decision-making structure that supports the self-fulfilment of each individual, but rather the decentralised self-monitoring of individual teams within a network.

Operational health management (OHM)
Our aim is to make sure that our employees are – and more importantly, stay – physically and mentally fit to handle the solutions to their logistic challenges. This is why operational health management (OHM) is such a high priority for us. Examples of this include participation in company events (Easter run, football tournaments), the implementation of health circles and presentations as well as regular massages at work.

Hartmann Employee Suggestion System
We value the opinion of our employees very highly and introduced the Hartmann Employee Suggestion System in March 2014. We welcome and reward every suggestion.

Company pension scheme
It is highly probable that, within the foreseeable future, pensions will no longer be able to allow us the lifestyle we would like to have; we therefore offer our employees a company pension scheme with a maximum rate of return. Even with everyday problems, our “Hartmänner” employees will always find someone to talk to and can get support with issues such as health, authorities or finances.

One family
The family character of Hartmann International is made particularly clear at our annual family parties. Several hundred families accept the invitation and enjoy the conversations, delicious food and countless attractions for all ages together.

Hartmann for Hartmänner

  • Participation in company events (e.g. Easter run, football tournaments)
  • Massages at work
  • Regular seminars
  • Implementing health circles
  • Company pension schemes with a double-digit rate of return
  • Contributions to employees savings schemes
  • Help with personal problems
  • family-friendly company events