First electric truck for Hartmann International

First electric truck for Hartmann International

We recently welcomed a significant new addition to our fleet: our first Mercedes-Benz electric truck. The eActros marks an important step on our path to sustainability. With the integration of the eActros into our fleet, the number of our tractor units increases to an impressive 527 vehicle units. Thomas Müther from Mercedes Rosier symbolically handed over the key to our team Uwe Lachmann (Managing Director), Andreas Golüke (Fleet Manager) and Lorand Kacso (driver of our e-truck). According to Thomas Müther, this is the first electric swap body vehicle to be delivered in the entire Mercedes Rosier sales area (14 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Sylt).

Powerful and long-lasting

The eActros is characterized by its impressive total battery capacity of 336 kWh. The powerful battery enables the vehicle to cover distances of up to 300 km before returning to the charging station. The eActros is specially designed for local, CO2-neutral distribution transport in urban environments.

The e-truck is currently on a daily tour for us in Lippstadt/Erwitte and returns to the charging station at the Paderborn freight forwarding terminal in the afternoon. With the eActros, we are expanding our portfolio with an environmentally friendly alternative that helps us to reduce our ecological footprint.

The use of this vehicle is an essential part of our strategy to promote sustainable mobility and achieve our environmental goals.

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