Procurement logistics

Smart procurement

Saving time and costs through optimised processes, concentrating on your own competencies in order to expand them further. To this end, we see ourselves as a responsible partner within your value-adding process chain.

Integrated logistics

We take over the coordination of your logistics by seamlessly intervening in all processes - from goods receipt and production supply to dispatch handling and loading.

Our range of services is extended by a comprehensive import service, which includes the collection of your products overseas, the preparation of freight documents, customs clearance and thorough quality control. In addition, we offer you the option of collecting semi-finished products directly from your premises, storing them securely in our warehouse space and delivering them to your site when you need them.

Our main goal is to ensure that your company always maintains a high level of supply readiness without losing sight of costs. Through procurement management, we create an optimal balance between supply and demand.

Versatile procurement strategies
Choose between individual procurement on demand, stock procurement or production-synchronised procurement for flexible and needs-based procurement.
Just in Time
We not only ensure that your delivery processes are reduced, but also allow you to control your entire process chain in a lean and time-phased manner.
Versatile in use
Ensuring comprehensive import logistics with collection, freight document preparation, customs clearance, quality control and flexible delivery of semi-finished products.
Advantages at a glance

Increase your efficiency

In procurement logistics, we strive to efficiently optimise the flow of materials, including all relevant suppliers. Procurement logistics makes it possible to make compromises in conflicting objectives such as ordering and storage costs as well as supply readiness in order to find a balance between efficiency and availability and thus promote your success.

The optimised material flow reduces delivery times
Cost reduction through smart warehousing and transport planning
Ensuring a reliable supply chain

From trailer-yard

Our team will always find the optimum strategy for you to supply your production quickly and cost-effectively. We have gained experience in numerous customer projects in various industries, which we incorporate into a customised transport solution.

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A selection of our services

Personal contact
Your personal contact person ensures that you always have an overview.

Procurement management
We take care of your correct material flow, which includes all relevant suppliers.
Sustainable support on site
We ensure the safe realisation of production supply, goods receipt, dispatch processing and loading.
Flexible adaptability
We orientate ourselves to current delivery options and conditions in order to guarantee a supply that meets demand.
Optimised processes
Regulated structures enable us to optimise our processes at all times.

Long-term support for success
Our strategies are derived from the company's objectives so that they contribute to long-term success.

Objectives of procurement logistics

Procurement logistics is the link between the suppliers' distribution logistics and the company's own production logistics.

Requirements for the properties of the goods to be provided by procurement. They relate to the perceptible functions of a good as well as to aesthetic features, durability and co-ordination with other goods.

Procurement costs consist primarily of the procurement costs for the purchased goods, the costs of storage and transport as well as the costs for operational planning, implementation and control of procurement decisions. For all cost types, the extent to which their amount is changed by the respective procurement activities and therefore whether or not they should be considered as relevant costs, or whether storage costs, for example, can still be reduced, must be examined.

The provision of financial resources for the procurement of goods influences the achievement of the liquidity target. Particular attention must be paid to decisions on the storage of goods and the procurement of fixed assets, which generally result in a high capital commitment. Furthermore, every purchase of input goods leads to disbursements and thus reduces the financial resources.

When procuring goods, the security of the supply of goods is determined in particular by the reliability of the suppliers and the various carriers. In many cases, it can also be improved by appropriate warehousing.

Conflict resolution through transparent processes

We recognise potential conflicts when defining targets and resolve them through transparent processes. Our aim is to minimise storage and ordering costs while ensuring maximum supply readiness.

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