Interfaces and customer portal

Seamless connections via interfeaces

We offer customised onboarding for all customers, taking into account all individual requirements and processes. Our customers benefit from end-to-end support right through to a successful go-live.

Various interface formats
Suitable for your IT infrastructure
Customised solution
for the transport and logistics connection

Everything at a glance with the Hartmann customer portal

Our customer portal offers comprehensive functions that allow you to utilise the full scope of our services. Whether land transport or our air, sea and rail transports, you can create, manage and track orders here. Logistics customers can view stock levels and initiate direct transport.

Consignment recording & tracking
Simple registration and intuitive management of new consignments, whose delivery you can then track in real time.
Warehouse stock information
You have an overview of your current stock levels at all times and can easily record call-offs.
Document portal
Not only can delivery bills be easily created and managed, but all important documents relating to the shipment are stored securely in one central location.

Your data in safe hands

Certified data center
according to ISO 20071 for maximum safety
Redundant Internet connection
for continuous operation
Fail-safe hardware
for less risk of failure
Data backups
to the highest standards and in redundant form
Regular audits
confirm the security and effectiveness of our IT systems
Emergency drills
are carried out regularly in order to react quickly in the event of an emergency

EDI, API and co.

Our portfolio of interfaces between the customer's systems and ours is diverse. In a project phase, we connect you individually according to your needs.

EDI interfaces
to your ERP and/or your e-commerce solution.
API interfaces
We can also write individual APIs if required.
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One data center for all orders

HARTMANN customer portal

Enter and manage orders
Call up stock levels in real time
Track & Trace of shipments
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Logistics today is as data-driven as an IT company

In modern logistics, data counts just as much as in the IT industry; our processes and decisions are based on precise analysis and real-time information to maximize efficiency, speed and customer satisfaction. We are not only transporters of physical goods, but also navigators in a sea of data.


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