Lithium ion battery logistics

Secure logistics of the lithium-ion batteries

We are experts in the safe handling of lithium-ion batteries and storage media. From overseas import and storage of hazardous materials to ADR-compliant distribution.

Secure warehousing
according to hazardous substance class 9 (M4)
Hazard prevention
through permanent heat monitoring
Optimum state of charge
through charging stations in the warehouse
The entire supply chain from a single source

From import to worldwide distribution

We offer a comprehensive takeover of all supply chain processes from import to worldwide distribution. Thanks to our excellent network and many years of experience, we ensure a reliable and efficient logistics solution that is individually tailored to the needs of our customers.

Import of components or finished parts from Asia, for example
Storage in accordance with the latest safety standards
Worldwide distribution with ADR-trained personnel

Our transport and storage services

Compliance with ADR regulations
With our specially trained staff, we ensure that transportation and storage comply with regulations.
Firmly defined shipping concepts
Compliance with our regulations is essential to prevent potential accidents and avoid the risk of accidents during transportation and storage.
Storage of goods of hazard class 9 (M4)
Incoming goods inspection WEP I according to standards
Dedicated charging point for optimum charge levels during storage of lithium-ion batteries ( > 10 % and 80 % )
Spacing regulations for storage racks for optimum ventilation and fire prevention
Special equipment for firefighting
24/7 temperature monitoring

The Liio box

for smooth and safe transportation with BAM 15854 approval.

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Die Liio-Box

Stackable and wheelchair accessible
for easy handling from all sides
Proof of safety
through drop tests and fire tests
Stainless steel tray
With drain nozzle for leaking liquids
due to different sizes
BAM approval 15854
Federal Institute for materials research and testing
for secure storage


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