Our IT department.

A fully-tailored service.
It goes without saying that the assimilation of a high-performance logistics service provider also includes complete integration in our client’s IT processes. You can concentrate on your core requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

To do this, we provide you with links in all standard formats:

  • EDIFACT Messages
  • FORTRAS Release 6
  • FORTRAS Release 100
  • CSV
  • DB Acces
  • SAP Connektor
  • XML
  • aAll standard/non-standard FixRecord formats

Our strength lies in providing individual IT solutions to satisfy your requirements. Trust us.

For the forwarding industry, we also provide an additional portal for consignment entry and tracking. We have developed a status information system especially for our logistics clients. This can also be used to manage deliveries and retrievals.

Our client’s data is very important for us, which is why we use the security functions of our modern IT environment to protect it!

Our IT solutions in detail

  • Platform-independent, web-based access to your own database
  • Individual client access via the internet (including SSL encryption)
  • Transparent consignment tracking including proof of delivery
  • Video package tracking
  • Access control
  • Complete documentation of processes
  • Operation of your own virtual server cluster in the Hartmann data centre
  • Operation of a redundant firewall cluster
  • Highest measures of data protection
  • Data protection guidelines in accordance with standards set by German Federal Office for Information Security