Value Added Services

The fully integrated logistics chain

Optimize your processes with a fully integrated logistics chain! In addition to pure transportation and warehousing services, we also offer a wide range of value-added services that can help you streamline your processes.

Your competitive advantage.

Our logistics solutions go far beyond the standard. We offer a wide range of services that optimize your supply chain. From price labeling and returns management to quality control and display construction - tailor-made solutions that increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Our automation and constant exchange of information on goods flows ensure reliable logistics, while our expertise in contract processing, labeling, packaging and much more gives you the decisive competitive edge. Let us optimize your logistics processes so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Quality inspection
From quality to functionality, we take responsibility for delivering only flawless products to your customers. With our quality controls, you can rely on the highest product integrity.
For seamless logistics
We ensure reliable, efficient and cost-effective logistics through automation and the permanent exchange of information on the flow of goods.
Customized solutions
Customized solutions, tailored to the individuality of each customer, generate the decisive competitive advantages of our customers.

A selection of our value-added services

Efficient and uncomplicated.
Quality and function checks
Ensuring quality and performance in every product.
Returns management
For maximum customer satisfaction.
Order picking
Fast picking of your goods.
Packaging activities
Professional packaging services.
Assembly and display construction
Customized solutions.
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Maximum flexibility and success on the market

In a world where markets from Asia to Europe are interconnected, flexibility is the key to success. Our range of value-added services enables you to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Imagine your products are manufactured overseas and need to be delivered to different European markets. With our Value Added Services, you are no longer forced to plan in advance. Send your products in a basic configuration and only decide when they reach our central warehouse in Germany what adjustments are required for other markets.

We prevent surpluses from arising or deliveries from being delayed if demand changes during the long sea transportation. Our customers can therefore receive the desired products in the right configuration in the shortest possible time without having to wait for subsequent deliveries.


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