New office opened in Hamburg

New office opened in Hamburg

Hartmann International opens new location in Hamburg and strengthens its Air, Sea and Rail Department

The full-service transport and logistics provider Hartmann International, headquartered in Paderborn, is continuing its expansion course and will open a new location in Hamburg on February 1, 2024. This strategic move will help to achieve and further expand the goals and benefits for Hartmann International’s Air, Sea and Rail Department.

Advantages of the new location in Hamburg
The new location in Hamburg offers a number of advantages for the company and its customers. The proximity to one of Germany’s largest seaports provides access to highly qualified specialists in the fields of air, sea and rail freight, which are difficult to find in the home region of East Westphalia. This will further strengthen the company’s growth and expertise in these key areas.

Photo above from front to back: Andreas Hartmann (Partner), Uwe Lachmann (Managing Director), Bernhard Dillhage (Site Manager Hamburg) and Julian Hainer (Head of Air, Sea and Rail).

More efficient supply chains in sea freight
“Hamburg, often referred to as the gateway to the world, offers us an excellent opportunity to improve connections in the maritime supply chain. This will significantly increase the efficiency of Hartmann International’s operational processes,” says the new site manager Bernhard Dillhage, explaining the benefits of the new office.

Short distances and quick response to operational challenges
At the start, two employees from the office on Ballindamm, directly on Hamburg’s Binnenalster, will benefit from the immediate proximity to important infrastructure such as sheds, customs and terminals. In the future, the team will continue to grow in order to react quickly and flexibly to operational challenges, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction.

Strengthening the international network
“Hamburg’s strategic location as one of Germany’s largest seaports will further drive the development of our international network. We want to strengthen the company’s global presence and open up new business opportunities,” says Uwe Lachmann, Managing Director at Hartmann International. “The new location will also make it possible to organize sea freight activities more efficiently, which will lead to cost optimizations and improved service quality,” adds Lachmann.

Worldwide logistics from a single source
Hartmann International customers receive a comprehensive service consisting of transparent warehousing and worldwide distribution. “The integration of air, sea and rail freight including customs clearance, warehouse logistics with value-added services and Europe-wide distribution offers a complete transport and logistics solution from a single source,” says Julian Hainer, Head of the Air, Sea and Rail Department at Hartman International, describing the advantages of the one-stop shopping concept for customers of the Hartmann International Group.

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