Into your new home.

Safe and stressfree.
Complete removal service for all kinds of private removals! Your belongings are in safe hands with us. Our experienced movers even take care of your entire move or even specific tasks, according to your wishes and requirements.
  • Local
  • Domestic
  • Europe
  • Overseas
  • DIY
  • Senior citizens
  • Contract partners with the Armed Forces
  • Storage

Our services in detail

Complete removal service – let us relieve you of the stress of moving
We can organise your entire private move at your request. We can handle all of the planning and take care of more than just the safe transportation of your furniture. Whether you’re moving around the corner or to another continent. Whether you’re leaving a two-room appartment or move an entire house. Our experienced removal team will first advise you on-site, view the items to be moved and then calculate a fixed price. Our extensive network of global partners allows us to respond flexibly to your needs and remain in contact with you throughout the entire move process.

Our complete service

  • Extensive planning and consulting
  • Packing boxes with a clear labelling system
  • Special packaging material for porcelain, art, furniture, computer devices, plasma TVs etc.
  • Exterior lift to protect stairs
  • Insurance deals tailored for your needs
  • Setup of no-parking zones
  • Packaging – disassembly (including your fitted kitchen) – clearing out – carrying goods to the vehicle – safe loading of the vehicle – cleaning – transport – reassembly – unpacking into your cupboards in germany or into storage – connection of your computer devices
  • Disposal of waste
  • Separate high security transport of valuable goods
  • Temperature-controlled storage/interim storage

Carefree overseas – international removals
As UTS shareholders, relocations throughout the world are no problem for us. With a perfect “home-setting-up” system, we make your transition to a new home completely trouble-free. For example, we can take care of bureaucratic issues for you in advance, look for a kindergarten, school or apartment as well as handling customs and importation formalities.

International moves in detail

  • Global network
  • Extensive planning and consulting
  • Packing – disassembly – clearing out – loading into containers – cleaning – shipping – customs clearance – delivery of your goods abroad – unpacking of boxes – return of materials
  • Transport using special overseas packaging
  • Installation at the new location with requested specialists
  • Storage / temporary storage of personal property
  • Disposal of waste
  • Relocation Service
  • Always up to date with the latest customs regulations and conditions

DIY removals – roll up your sleeves and save on cost
Our Do-It-Yourself package gives you plenty of freedom to carry out your move on your own terms and save costs. We are happy to help you in packing your furniture or by supplying professional packaging material and packing boxes, which we deliver straight to your door, free of charge. Except for loading our special transport vehicles, you and your helpers take care of all dismantling and packing. To ensure sufficient space, we can also set up a no-parking zone at your request. You can choose which parts of the move you wish to carry out yourself and where we can help you with our experienced team.

Do-It-Yourself removals in detail

  • Save money
  • You decide which services we should supply
  • Delivery of packing boxes and packing material
  • Setup of no-parking zones
  • Professional loading and transport by our team
  • Exterior lift to loading area to protect stairs
  • Help with assembly in your new home
  • Temperature-controlled storage/interim storage

Moves for senior citizens – our comprehensive, hassle-free service for the elderly
Senior citizens wishing to move house are best taken care of in our safe hands. Our experienced removal team will ensure your stress-free relocation and is always on hand to lend you their support as honest partners. We advise you on-site and plan the set-up in your new home with you. You decide what should come with you, what should be disposed of and what we should put in storage. At your new home, we can set everything up as discussed, unpack items into your cupboards and provide support with household clearances and renovation work at your old home. We can also help you sort out any bureaucratic issues at your request.

Moves for senior citizens in detail


  • Extensive consulting with you at home
  • Detailed offer with a specification of services and a fixed price
  • Viewing your new home
  • Furniture layout planning in the new rooms
  • Help with bureaucratic issues (change of address notifications etc.), help with household clearances and renovation work at your old home
  • Sorting out cupboard contents
  • Safe packaging of glass and porcelain
  • Professional disassembly and packing of furniture
  • Storage of personal effects that are not to be taken to the new home
  • Disposal of items no longer needed
  • Final cleaning of the old home
  • Appropriate fitting and assembly in your new home
  • Mounting of lamps, pictures, curtains etc.
  • Careful unpacking of your personal property into cupboards

We are basic agreement partners of the German Armed Forces

Our relocation of former German Federal President Horst Köhler from Washington to Berlin

Multiple changes of locations are not uncommon for soldiers or employees of the German Armed Forces. In addition to transfers within the country, it can also involve postings abroad for several years. As basic agreement partners of the German Armed Forces, we have plenty of experience in such situations and know exactly what needs to be considered. You can concentrate all your attention on finding a new home, whilst we take care of all organisational matters and the transportation of your personal property. As per the framework contract, the Armed Forces bear all the costs of our services. We are particularly proud of being involved in the relocation of former German Federal President Horst Köhler from Washington to Berlin.

Temporary storage for personal property – save having to move twice
Do you need to bridge a period of time when you don’t need all your personal effects and want to save yourself a lot of cost and effort? Then we can supply a dust-free secure container direct to your doorstep and store it in our containerdepot for you. One time less reloading for you – save money and prevent damages!

Storage in detail


  • Provision of a 20’ secure container right at your doorstep
  • Loading of the storage container
  • Storage in container warehouse
  • Available quickly as and when needed
  • Delivery to your new or old address upon request
  • No reloading
  • No need for double handling