Self Storage

Modern storage in Paderborn

Secure a space in Paderborn's professional self-storage facility! Newly built, video-monitored, dry and with access at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More flexibility is not possible! Monthly termination and easy relocation to a larger or smaller storage box. You are welcome to view the boxes beforehand and receive detailed advice. Get in touch with us!

Relaxed storage - your Lager247 complete service

Our team combines fifth-generation logistics experience and young logisticians who know how important flexibility has become in terms of work and private life. This symbiosis of storage expertise and the experience of different generations has made Lager247 a highly professional, yet simple, smart and self-determined place of personal freedom for customers. Many creative approaches and solutions were developed in cooperation with the start-up scene at Garage33 at Paderborn University.

Insurance cover
Clearing out the attic and found a little Picasso? With us, you can insure any treasure up to 70,000 euros. Our team will be happy to advise you based on the value of your stored goods and work with you to find the right insurance cover.
Parcel acceptance
The letter carrier rings your doorbell in vain, but you really want your parcel today? This is possible with our parcel acceptance service. Have your parcel delivered to Lager247. It will wait in your box until you pick it up flexibly. As soon as your parcel has been delivered, you will receive a message from us.
Removal service
Do you also see all those boxes and wonder how you are going to manage the move on your own? Our removal company has over 160 years of experience and can offer you a complete removal service on request (e.g. setting up a no-stopping zone, assembly or overseas removals with relocation service).

Why you can rely on us

We are happy to respond to your wishes and advise you on your problems.
Respect is lived and cultivated in all Hartmann International companies.
Reliability is indispensable in logistics.
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Store your things safely here

The romper gets too small, the bed needs replacing. Buying and selling, some things are thrown away. At some point, the little baby grows up, wants to study, be independent and travel around the world. There is no room for furniture and clothes in the trekking rucksack.

Soon the child finds a partner, starts their own family and moves into an apartment. Suddenly everything is double. Washing machine, kitchen table, television and bed.

Perfect as a reserve, but an absolute space hog. Then the next generation arrives and space needs to be created in the office. Lager24/7 offers the perfect solution. Whether your life is going haywire, you need to find a new home or need to create space, you can store all your items with us without any worries. Our doors may look the same, but behind each one is a different life story. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Further removal services


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