Sustainable logistics


Green logistics for further generations

We are already working towards a sustainable future in the freight forwarding and logistics industry.



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Find out how we are helping to shape and reshape the future sustainably.

Sustainable corporate development

The three-pillar model of sustainability

Sustainability is a key issue today and refers to the effective balance between environmental, social and economic aspects in order to achieve a long-term, positive impact on the world.


Responsible behaviour, ethical corporate governance, job security.

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Protecting natural resources, reducing emissions, promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

Social affairs

Equal opportunities, social integration, access to education and healthcare.

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Ecological sustainability
in the Hartmann Group

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

AI-based tour scheduling (winner of the VR Award)
Efficient and path-optimised warehouse management software
Expansion of the transhipment terminal in Paderborn
Founding of Hartmann Digital team
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Sustainable consumption and production

Use of trucks with the latest exhaust technology
Electronically operated industrial trucks
Installation of charging points for electric vehicles
Conversion to energy-saving LED light sources
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Partnerships to achieve the goals

Partner and shareholder of the CargoLine network
Partner of the Cargo Trans logistics
Partner of the E.L.V.I.S network

Electricity, LNG, E-Fuels?

As a transport company with a serious commitment to sustainability, the drive system of our truck fleet is a crucial component. We are acting in all directions with an open mind and testing the feasibility of different drive technolohies.


We test all drive variants

The Hartmann Group already has various diesel alternatives in use and is currently evaluating the feasibility of the drive technologies.

Electric trucks are vehicles that are powered by electrical energy, usually from batteries. Electric trucks are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional diesel trucks, as they are locally emission-free. 

Our first own electric truck will roll onto our fleet at the beginning of 2024. This will bring us one step closer to our sustainability goals.

E-fuels are all types of fuels that are produced synthetically with the help of renewable energies. During the production process, hydrogen produced with green electricity and thus into the basic building block of liquid fuels. E-fuels are classified as CO2-neutral.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an alternative fuel consisting mainly of methane. LNG is liquefied by cooling natural gas to very  low temperatures (-162 degrees Celsius), wich makes it easier to store and transport. This is increasingly seen as a cleaner alternative to conventional diesel fuel for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. LNG vehicles significantly reduce emmissions of nigtrogen oxides and particulates compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

Social sustainability
in the Hartmann group

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Health and well-being

occupational health management
free fruit stations
participation in sporting events such as easter runs and soccer tournaments
Job bike/ bike leasing
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High-quality education

tutoring and support for trainees
convenient training via the Hartmann app
further training for individual development
exchange with the University of Paderborn and Garage33
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Decent work

kununu "TOP-Company" award
possibility to work remotely
employee participation (suggestion system)
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fewer inequalities

gender-neutral job advertisements
diversity and anti-discrimination
promotion of people with a migration background

The Hartmann world of values

For us, treating each other with respect is the basis of good cooperation. It is important to us to live a positive and appreciative behavior. Respectful interaction with one another and a feedback culture should help us all feel comfortable in our workplace.
Our focus is on performance. We cannot achieve success without performance. This includes professional expertise as well as the commitment of each individual. We conider all services from the perspective of economic efficienvy in order to secure jobs and enable growth.
We maintain open and honest communication and reliable behavior at all times, wich leads to a trusting relationship. Fairness and fair treatment as well as diversity and equal opportunities in all areas are important to us.

Our values, mission and vision

Ecological sustainability
in the Hartmann group

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Climate protection measures

promoting the use of company bicycles
natural maintenance of green spaces
certified environmental management system
(DIN EN ISO 14001:2015)
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Affordable and clean energy

treatment and reuse of dirty water in the truck wash
operation of climate-friendly air and geothermal heat pumps
training on the topic of "resource-saving driving"
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Clean water and sanitary facilities

treatment and reuse of dirty water in the truck wash facility
access to clean tap water