TurtleBox moves in with the relocation team

TurtleBox moves in with the relocation team

Our moving team is proud to be able to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the classic moving box. With our reusable boxes from TurtleBox, we enable an impressive 87% reduction in CO2 emissions!

In cooperation with a neutral service provider, the emission values of the TurtleBox were determined in comparison to conventional moving boxes. The result: While the reusable box with the turtle makes over 500 rounds, the classic box only makes up to five rounds at best.

Anyone who moves with us and uses the TurtleBox can have a certificate issued after the move with the exact amount of CO2 that was saved by using the folding boxes. In this way, together we are making an important contribution to reducing our ecological footprint.

The movers only pay a small rental fee for the boxes during the moving days and do not have to worry about disposing of or reusing empty moving boxes afterwards.

The training with Stefan Kayser from TurtleBox took place today to introduce the new means of transportation (photo from left: Dirk Lüdeking, Kristina Liwitzki, Yvonne Schulz (all Hartmann International GmbH & Co. KG Umzug & Projektlogistik) and Stefan Kayser (TurtleBox).

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